Freedom Friday’s

Greetings everyone, I hope you all have had a very blessed and productive week. I know most of you, that are in tuned with Mother Nature, have been feeling the effects of the Fall season awakening in your spirit… Let’s also not forget that it’s the last day of this Retrograde, ” thank you baby Jesus with an Afro!!!”.

So for this Freedom Friday, let’s use the energy of the retrograde and the Fall season to kick start a new habit.

Falling in Love with your True Self

After having a very good, ” Remember When” conversation today, about everything from the introduction of Blue Raspberry Blowpops to a child’s candy choices, to How dare they try and remake Jem and the Holigrams as a mainstream movie!, I started to wonder how many other people still connects to their True Self.


I know you’re thinking, how can candy and old cartoons make you reflect on true self?

Well here’s my thought…,for most, the way you felt when having a Blue tongue on the playground, gave you more joy and spiritual fullness than most anything you can buy now.

Because your joy and completeness came from a more pure place, not one of wealth, fame, status( although if you had a blue tongue, you were the shit), no, it came from a place of simple unity with your classmates, a place of knowing that you can have whatever greatness that anyone else could, the comradere of knowing the songs of your favorite childhood shows, it came from your True You.


So, as Fall as known as the season to fall in love before the winter, make sure you include your True Self to that formula, that way your joy and completeness will always go with you.


Peace, stability and prosperity

Moon Out


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