Freedom Friday’s

Greetings everyone, I hope that you all have had a very progressive and fruitful week!

This Freedom Friday comes to from a place where my spirit resides on a daily basis, “Peace”!!!


Yes my Brotha’s and Sista’s, Peace, a place that one can create, grow, relax, manifest and just Be. But it’s not Kool to have so much peace in my life and not share with others how to achieve their own level of Peace.

Now, I am sure all of you have some level of peace in your life, even though you may not  have a Peaceful Life. Trust me, the transition to maintaining a peaceful life isn’t that far away. The simple truth is, all you have to do is link your peaceful moments and how you feel during that time, to your moments of non-peace.


Here’s an example of how this can be achieved during your daily encounters;

“Let’s just say, that something as simple as rain falling during a pleasant temperature fall day, is your peaceful moment through anything that is going on in your life. When you are blessed to experience those times, try to note how you feel, your emotions, your perceptions, your under-inner-over standing, mainly, take note of your overall state of being.  When you’re able to recall those feelings, then you’ll form a connection with them. This means that, as you remember that peaceful moment your body, mind and spirit, starts to connect with that memory, therefore embodying the physical aspects of that memory, as well as mental.”

From the memory and recall of your peaceful moments, and the connection to them, you now have control over some level of your personal peace. If a person could apply that feeling or moments to anything that disrupts their level of peace, then one can always be in a peaceful place.


So in lamest terms, when the world starts to kick you in the ass, take yourself to a place where rain is a constant peaceful groove, or the laughter of your kids  are far louder than the challenges you’re facing, so as you go through you’ll have….Peace entering, through and at the end of all life encounters, there will be Peace in your life!!!

Peace, stability and prosperity

Moon Out


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