Freedom Friday’s

Greetings beautiful beings, I hope that you all have had nothing short of positive energy flow through your life this week.

Today, I will not bog you down with heavy, overly conscious philosophical rhetoric. Just some straight to your light source information…



Socrates, the father of Western Philosophy, had a student by the name of Plato. Plato soon became a great philosopher himself and later taught a young man by the name of Aristotle, who in turn became another great philosopher.

From this intellectual transaction, we later had Alexander the Great, a student of Aristotle, and later Mencius, an amazing eastern philosopher and grandson of Alexander the Great.

When your life guides you towards wisdom, be humble enough to sit at its feet, until you’re wise enough to stand beside and teach your own!”


At some point, these philosophers had the humble all they knew, or thought they knew in order to receive true Wisdom. As we can judge by their life, that doing so can help shape and form your own greatness.

So on this Freedom Friday, free yourself from the constraints of how you receive and retain knowledge, you never know what you may miss as an important building block to your foundation.


Just a thought

Peace, stability and prosperity

Moon Out


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